Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review Thursday- My First One!

Tris & IzzieTris & Izzie by Mette Ivie Harrison

A modern retelling of the German fairytale "Tristan and Isolde", Tris and Izzie is about a young witch named Izzie who is dating Mark King, the captain of the basketball team and thinks her life is going swimmingly well. Until -- she makes a love potion for her best friend Brangane and then ends up taking it herself accidentally, and falling in love with Tristan, the new guy at school.

First off I would like to say thanks NetGalley for the chance to read this book. It is my first review book.

Oh what can I say about this book? It was absolutely without a doubt the worst book I have ever read.

Throughout the the whole story I felt like Izzie was more of a 12 year old middle schooler than a 16 year old high school student.. What with the way she flitted from one thing to the next. The way she thought she could get her best friend Branna to take a love potion after Branna made a point to say she did not want to find love that way. The way she treated Mark and Tristan was horrible. I understand she thought she was under a love spell or whatever, but her actions were very selfish.

I believe this could of been a good story, if the author had developed the plot more. As it is, I felt like it was rushed. The writing was also very choppy and often times child-like.

The author put in details that were not needed. Such as "It was a serpent with eyes that burned as brightly as two suns and scales of red and yellow and orange, with hints of blue at the edges, like the center of a flame, where there is the most heat." Was it really necessary to add that last part? I mean really? She could of just ended it with "like the center of a flame" and I think everyone would know what she meant.

Over all I felt like this story was being told by a group of little girls playing make believe.

My rating: 1 of 5 stars


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