Friday, February 1, 2013

Graduation, Babies, and Moving!

Hi Y'all
Long time, I know! Lots of things have changed in the Watson household.. First the hubs graduated from UT Arlington with a degree in physics. Around that time we found out that he went and got me knocked up! And of course the biggest change is our move from warm Texas to freezing Illinois.
We are now somewhat settled in our new place, finally got the Internets up and running yesterday, after a very long month of not having it.. I love the house we are in, its an older house and has all the little old house charms that I love. Of course this house did not come with a stove.. We finally found a stove we love, but have to wait until the hubs next paycheck to get it. Once we have a stove, there are so many things I am dying to try! I cant wait!!
I will hopefully be back to blogging and sharing recipes again once I can bake again! But for now, that is all I have..
What have Y'all been up too?