Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Book Tuesday's

Hi ya'll! Last week, the hubs and I got to talking about ereaders and which one would be the best.  He had been doing some research and was down to Nook vs. Kindle. I asked him why he was even bothering to do this research. I mean its not like we are going to get an ereader anytime soon.. That's when he surprised me and said he couldn't make the final decision between the two because it would not be for him. He was planning on getting me an ereader! *happy dance*

I am now a proud owner of a Kindle!

That's pretty much it for my week.. I had to work a ton last week so I didn't get much reading done. And I'm behind on posting my recipes! I have an awesome coconut cream pie recipe I want to post.. Hopefully I will get it up tomorrow!


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