Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Book Tuesday's

Hi Ya'll! I know I know.. I've made some promises and have not been able to keep them.. My life has gotten super busy. I went from working 10-15 hours a week (which gave me plenty of time to read and bake) to 40 hours a week. I am still trying to adjust to working so much and trying to have time for reading and baking. Not only has work picked up, but the hubs and I have made friends! Its only taken us 3 years of living in Texas! lol

Anyways, on to what I got in the mail this past week..

I won a copy of  Tempest from GoodReads. As you can see the copy I got was a bit crushed.. Just a little damage to the spine, its still readable though!

That's all for me today. What have you been reading?

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