Thursday, September 1, 2011

Review Thursday- Next to Love by Ellen Feldman

Next to Love by Ellen Feldman
A story of love, war, loss, and the scars they leave, Next to Love follows the lives of three young women and their men during the years of World War II and its aftermath, beginning with the men going off to war and ending a generation later, when their children are on the cusp of their own adulthood.
I find that I am not able to give a full review for this book, as I could not finish it. Maybe someday I will be able to pick it up again and have the patience to read it. But for now it just seems to drag on and quite frankly is a bit boring.  I love history and was hoping that this book about the lives of 3 women during WW II would be really good. From what I did read of it I found that the POV change between the 3 women was not executed as smoothly as it could have been. I often felt lost and confused with all the jumping around.  The letters between the women and their men seemed endless and pointless. A few here and there would have been better.
Overall I do hope that one day I can finish this book. I think anyone who enjoys the genre will probably like this book.
Pub date: 7/26/11
Source:  netGalley

My rating 2/5 Stars


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